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A Glimpse of Rural Kerala


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Kumbalanghi is a small village, west of Cochin, and is surrounded by backwaters and lush green paddy fields. A ring of Chinese fishing nets literally encircle the island village bearing witness to the rich aquatic life. The village is approximately six square miles in area and home to fishermen, farmers, laborers, toddy tappers and coir spinners alike. An array of mangroves, that separates land from water, provides a breeding ground for prawns, crabs, oysters and small fishes.
Start your tour this morning with a drive to the Kumbalanghi bridge. This is where your experience of village life begins – you will see fishermen at work – casting nets and preparing to catch their ‘catch of the day’. Disembark your boat at the island where a refreshing welcome drink will be served before you set off on a further exploration into village life.
Start perhaps with weavers at work on coir, or maybe watch local ladies weave coconut leaves – various other activities will be taking place which you can witness and even take part in. Fisherman will show you how the Chinese nets work – an art that is said to have been introduced by traders from the court of Kublai Khan. They operate by a system of weights and levers. The nets, on wooden frames, are raised periodically to check the catch.
A crab farm is also part of the village where you can try your hand at catching a crab! Another unique art is that of a group of ladies “groping” for fish. This is an interesting skill whereby ladies move in a row and catch fish using only their hands.


Highlights –

  • Visit to Kumbalangini Village.
  • Visit to Crab Farm, You can also Catch Crab on your Hand.
  • Interact with local farmers, Labourers and Fishermans.
  • Evening Back to Cochin.



A Glimpse Of Rural Kerala



2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons
160 USD 135 USD 120 USD





All Rates are per Person based on number of Persons.


Lunch Supplement: 20 USD PER MEAL PER PERSON.




Package Includes:

  • A/c Chauffer Driven Vehicle as per number of persons.
  • Intract with Local Farmers, Labourers and Fishermans.
  • Visit crab Farm and you can also catch Crab on your hand.
  • Visit to Kumbalanghi Village.
  • Packaged Water Bottle. (1bottle per person.)
  • All Fuel and Parking Charges.
  • English Speaking Local Tourist Guide.

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